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Exquisite around the third district.
(in german)

Angelo Soliman. An exotic chapter of old Vienna
He was cultured and educated. He was painted in oils and made Master in the Masonic lodge. In 1796 he died in Vienna. Then they stuffed him like a rare animal and released the prepared corpse for viewing in the Vienna Court Natural History Cabinet. Soliman’s daughter protested for years. A stray cannonball set fire to the museum’s magazine in 1848, ending a tragic fate. . . Monika Firla-Forkl recalls this actual incident that Bauer wrote down on paper at the beginning of the 20th century. She discovers new facts and old prejudices. And at the same time writes about an eternal topic: how people treat each other in this one world. And what we still have to learn in order not to be strangers or even enemies. View book

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